Adirondack Association of Towns & Villages
 APRAP 2009 

Regional Meeting
One of the regional meetings held in the Town of Webb.

APRAP 2009

The Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages (AATV), Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA), and the Towns of Chester and Arietta, are sponsors of the Adirondack Regional Assessment Study, a report 
that profiles all the 103 municipalities that comprise the Adirondack Park.


The report is the result of a two-year research effort by and for the communities of the Adirondack Park and is intended to provide a data-rich, factual baseline for discussion and planning of park issues at both the local and regional levels.    The assessment employs a modular format detailing community life, government operations, land use, infrastructure, emergency services, education and park-wide demographics.


The data compiled for the Adirondack Park Regional Assessment Project (APRAP) was primarily derived for two sources; primary and secondary. 

The primary source of information is a project-specific survey of the local communities in the park.  The survey posed questions to local government officials across a range of topics; general government - general operations and associated needs, emergency services - general methods of provision and associated needs, community life (defined as cultural, social, housing, economics utilities, characteristics), regulation of land use, recreation, highway/ department of public works - general operations and associated needs, and municipal water and sewer systems - general operations and associated needs (if applicable).  As a survey developed specifically for this project and collecting current information directly associated with the local communities, the responses to the survey are viewed as a primary data source.  The survey results have been compiled, tabulated and formatted into an interactive data base in an Access® format which is located on this page labeled "Survey Data Base".  The database developed allows for a range of preset queries or queries as developed by an individual. 

The secondary data relating to the demographic information in the community profiles, general government, infrastructure, land use, community life, and public education supplements the information gathered from the community survey.  The sources of this data are relevant county, state and federal agencies such as the county real property tax service offices, the New York State Department of Education, the US Census Bureau, etc.  A formal list of the sources are in the acknowledge section at the back of the assessment report on page 119 and on this page labeled "Secondary Sources for the Data".  The referenced findings, community profiles, tables, charts, and mapping that comprise the assessment report are the product of a systematic compilation and review of these relevant data sources.  This information combined with the responses to the community survey is intended to provide a comprehensive summary of the socio-economic status of the individual communities and the park as a region.  

How Do I Obtain a Copy of APRAP?
If you are interested in a copy of APRAP, please call the office at 518.661.7622 or send $25.00 to cover printing & postage to:  AATV, POB 777, Mayfield, NY 12117.  Be sure to include your name and address in the request.  Thank you for your interest.
APRAP - The Next Step (DOC - 48.5 KB)
The Board of Director's for AATV is seeking qualified applicants to work with them on a mapping project as a follow up to the APRAP Project.  The AATV will work with various state agencies to obtain data that will be coordinated into maps of the individual towns and villages within the Park with information such as roads, public and private owned lands, electric, gas, high speed internet and water and sewer infrastructure.  The RFP is located under the APRAP Project page on the website.  For further information you may contact AATV at 518.661.7622. 
Final Report (PDF - 28.7 MB)

A copy of the full report of the Adirondack Regional Assessment Project is available by downloading the above file.  To view each community profile, see the link labeled Community Profiles on the website.  If you would like to obtain a hard copy of the report, please use the link below labeled "forms" or contact the office at 518.661.7622.  The cost for shipping and handling of the report is $25.00 payable to AATV by check or money order.  

Thank you for your interest.


Survey Data Base (MDB - 236.4 MB)
This is an access document that contains the data collected from the Adirondack Park Regional Assessment Project.  Be advised that it is a large file and will take time to download.
Executive Summary (PDF - 4.3 MB)
The Executive Summary for the Adirondack Regional Assessment Project is available for viewing by downlaoding the file.  The full report is contained above and contains the executive summary also.  
Regional Map (PDF - 8.7 MB)
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Regional Meeting